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The Face Behind The Company

Yaser A. Ibrahim is the Founder and President of Software Momentum, Inc. and has been developing custom software  applications for the last 20 years.


Yaser has a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology from Franklin University located in Columbus, Ohio.  After graduation, Yaser worked as a Process Engineer in the manufacturing industry.  During his 11 years as a Process Engineer, his main job was to develop custom software engineering application to solve complex problems and help make the process more efficient. 


In the year 2000, the manufacturing industry was heading towards China and a career change for Yaser was on the horizon. That year, he created Software Momentum, Inc. as a way of extending his passion for the creativity of generating custom software solutions at an affordable price..


On the behalf of the entire Software Momentum team, we thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in the near future.


Yaser A .Ibrahim



Recent Projects

Our clients come from all four corners of the globe. To demonstrate our diversity,we have posted a range of projects currently worked on.

    Custom Accounting Package

    Remote Help Desk

    Microsoft Office Interface




If you Google software methodology, you will find the definition to state:
A software development methodology or system development methodology is a framework used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system.



Software Momentum believes it is a necessity to lend a helping hand any way we can .

We provide nine (9) month financing regardless of project size so you can start benefiting from our custom solutions without having to worry about lump sum payments.

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