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General Questions


Q: Why should I hire Software Momentum, Inc. for my project?

A: If you have been shopping around looking for a software development company, we all talk

    about years of experience and great customer support. While this is true for Software
    Momentum, however one of the advantages we have is we are a U.S. based company with
    off-shore pricing !


Q: What are some of the non-tangible benefits of hiring Software Momentum, Inc.?

 A: One of the biggest advantages being a U.S. based company, means there are more consumer
     protection for the buyer.  Secondly,  we can travel to any part of the world if need be and meet
     you face-to-face. Lastly the communication process is much easier, especially 
     when trying to explain complex business rules and models.


Q: What are your hours of operation ?

A: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday


Q: Where is Software Momentum located?

A: We are located in Westerville, Ohio USA


Q: How many full-time Employees are hired by Software Momentum, Inc.?

A: We currently have an employee base of six.


Q: How long has Software Momentum, Inc. been in business?

A: We have been in business for over 10 years developing custom ready software.


Q: Is Software Momentum, Inc. a U.S based company?

A: Yes. We are an S-Corporation company located in Westerville, Ohio, U.S.A.


Q: Where do you offer your custom software services?

A: Since our rates are so competitive at $15/hr, we can afford to provide our services to every
    corner of the globe.


Q: How long does it typically take for Software Momentum, Inc. to get started on a project?

A: Typically we require from 1 week to 2.5 weeks to get started on your project. This largely
    depends on how well the scope of work is defined and how many projects we are currently
    working on..


Q: Can we meet in person to discuss my project or is this done remotely?

A: Depending on your location, we typically will meet remotely. However, we have no problems
    travelling to your location as long as travel and hotel accommodations are paid by you in


Q: Do I own the rights to the software created ?

A: Yes. You are free to do what you like with the software technology developed


Q: From your past experiences, how long does it take to create custom software?

A: That is difficult to answer, but typically from 2 month to 3 months time. Seldom does a project
    require over 3 month to complete.


Q: I am a small sized business and do not have a lot of money to spend. Can you help?

A: Yes. We try to give the best technology to fit any budget. However, sometimes that is not
    good enough. That is why we allow you to pay for your technology in 9 monthly installments,
    interest free with a valid credit card.


Fee Schedule


Q: How much does Software Momentum, Inc. charge per hour?

A: Our hourly rate is $15/hr


Q: Do you offer fixed cost pricing?

A: Yes. Typically you want to employ fixed cost pricing when the project is a data
     centric application and/or will take greater than 2 month to develop.


Q: Can I mix and match between hourly rates and fixed pricing?

A: Yes. When you hire Software Momentum, Inc. we make suggestions as to the most  
    economical plan along every part of the work flow.


Q: How much of a down payment is required to get started?

A: Typically we require 25% of the total cost to get started on your project. The
    remaining 75% is paid on a per milestone basis.


Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes. We always provide nine(9) monthly payments with no interest as an option. All
    that is required is a valid credit card.


Q: How does your payment schedule work?

A: There are typically 4 milestones. Each milestone is worth 25%. In order to get started
    with the project, a down payment of 25% is required. After each milestone is
    completed, payment of 25% is required in order to move to the next level. However, if
    you are on the monthly installment plan of nine months, the percentage will vary
    depending on the cost of the project.


Q: What is the difference between paying per milestone and nine month installment plan?

A: Paying per milestone means exactly that. As each phase is finished, we require a payment to
    move to the next level. Think of it as  “Pay As You Go”. When you utilize this option, we
    provide a 10% discount of the total project cost since you will be paying in less time. For
    example, assume a project costs $1,000 and you select the milestone plan. Therefore, you pay
    $225/milestone assuming four (4) milestones.

    In the nine (9) month installment plan,  there is no price break but the payments are stretched  
    out longer. So in the same example, you would pay $1,000/9 month = $111.11 /month.


Q: How will my  credit card statement appear, if I choose the nine month plan?

A: At Software Momentum, Inc. we process our own credit cards. Your credit card statement
    will read “Software Momentum, Inc” on any projects we do for you.


Q: Do you store credit card information?

A: No. Prior to charging your credit card, we call you and ask for your credit card information
    for processing.


 Q: Some other companies charge $12/hour. Why should I choose Software Momentum?

 A: That is actually a very good question. Other than the fact we provide excellent Customer
     Support. Lets talk dollars and cents. Assume a project takes 30 days (1 month) to develop.

     Software Momentum Fees : $15/hour * 8 hours/day * 5 days/week * 4 weeks/month = $2,400
     If you are on the nine month installment plan, you pay: $2,400 / 9 = $266.67 /month
    Our competitors usually calculate project cost in the following manner :

     Competitor Fees : $12/hr * 8 hours/day * 30 days  = $2,880

     Even though, this competitor charge less per hour, you are still being charged for a seven
     day work week, which costs you more money in the end. Therefore, in this example, the
     customer would save $480 by hiring Software Momentum for their project.

     To take this example one step further, the $480 savings is equivalent to us providing you
     with :
                                    ● 32 hours of free Software Engineering time.
                                    ● 4 days of Free work.


Technical Questions


Q: Will you provide me the source code once the project is complete?

A: Yes. Regardless of where you are in the world, we ship you a CD as well as a 3-ring
     binder of your project.


Q: Do you offer technical support?

A: Yes. After the project is complete, we provide 45 days of free technical support.
     Afterwards, you may hire us to support your technology


Q: Do you offer software maintenance plans?

A: Yes. When you enroll in our software maintenance plan, this is what you receive:

                        ● Telephone support, regardless of where you are in the world
                        ● Email support
                        ● 15 hours/month of FREE Software Engineering time
                        ● 10% discounts on all new projects


Q: How much does the Software Maintenance plan cost?

A: Typically, it will cost 20% of the total cost of the project. As an example, a $1000  
     project will only cost $200/year to maintain.


Q: Do you offer a free trial plan before I decide to join?

A: Yes. Try it FREE of charge, no obligation for 30 days.


Q: How does the technology created get on our computers or servers?

A: We remotely login to your central server system (with written permission from you)
     and install all of the necessary server side components. For client side software (if
     any), it is as simple as any other software you would be installing. In either case, we
     will always be there, providing a helping hand.


Q: Do you provide technical documentation?

A: Normally we provide a quick start guide with all of our custom software technology.
     However, if you require a User’s Manual to accompany your software, we charge
     $5.50/hour. Typically manuals are completed within a 2 week time frame.


Q: Do you provide technical support if I require it?

A: Absolutely. We provide 45 days of free technical support on all of our projects.  
     Afterwards, we charge $25/hour.


Recent Projects

Our clients come from all four corners of the globe. To demonstrate our diversity,we have posted a range of projects currently worked on.

    Custom Accounting Package

    Remote Help Desk

    Microsoft Office Interface




If you Google software methodology, you will find the definition to state:
A software development methodology or system development methodology is a framework used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system.



Software Momentum believes it is a necessity to lend a helping hand any way we can .

We provide nine (9) month financing regardless of project size so you can start benefiting from our custom solutions without having to worry about lump sum payments.

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