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In Physics, the term Momentum explains how an object gains velocity during movement, and how this velocity is dependent on the objectís mass. In business the same principle holds true. Where velocity is the goals we set for ourselves and how quickly we achieve them is directly dependent on the mass of people willing to accept our product offerings and services. Software Momentum, Inc. strongly adheres to this definition as itís mission statement by providing impeccable software technology to help achieve your business goals as quickly as possible in a cost-effective manner in order to reach the masses of people with your products and services.

We provide professional custom software services for small and medium scaled organizations. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Database Centric Applications
  • Windows Programming
  • Microsoft Office Interfacing
  • SD and HD Audio and Video streaming
  • Accounting and Point Of Sales
  • Remote Control Applications
  • Robotic Interface and Control
  • Credit Card Gateway Systems
  • Medical Billing and Scheduling
  • Medical Imagery, DICOM and PACS
  • Security System Applications
  • OLE For Process Control(OPC)
  • Serial Data Acquisition Systems
  • Telephony and VOIP Applications

  • Some of the technologies we employ include but not limited to:

    Recent Projects

    Our clients come from all four corners of the globe. To demonstrate our diversity,we have posted a range of projects currently worked on.

        Custom Accounting Package

        Remote Help Desk

        Microsoft Office Interface


    If you Google software methodology, you will find the definition to state:
    A software development methodology or system development methodology is a framework used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system.



    Software Momentum believes it is a necessity to lend a helping hand any way we can .

    We provide nine (9) month financing regardless of project size so you can start benefiting from our custom solutions without having to worry about lump sum payments.

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